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How To Turn Your Ideas Into Content Marketing

Content Marketing Is As Easy As Teaching Yourself What You Already Know

Content marketing is the result of your ideas explained. That's it.

The more clarity you have in putting these ideas in the digital realm, the more effective it is. AND better yet, if you can expand on one simple concept into a massive extrapolation of information the better.

However, ask yourself...will it be useful?

Most business owners get stuck in how to turn ideas into content marketing, when it really has to do with what you already know!

If the answer is yes, that particular piece of content will be one of the most effective channels to generate leads and build authority in your business niche.

Think of content marketing as a way to show your expertise about something someone is searching for.

You are the champion of their solution if you offer a perspective they have never even thought of before.

You can dramatically change their lives with just a little insight in what you are creating as content.

Some people may think that content creating is about writing, and thus fall into writer's block.

Drill Into Your Expertise and Explain the PASSION

One time, I went to an MMA gym to see a client, and they were explaining how much of a hassle Social Media Marketing is.

"I don't see anyone ever come to use the gym that was compelled by Social Media..."

Upon reviewing their Social Media feeds, most of the posts were videos and photos of their daily classes asking for the business.

I explained to him that he should look into writing something more in depth as to why these customers are using their services.

Some clients in the photos are taking the classes to learn self defense, others are doing it to be healthy, others are looking to get muscle tones in their bodies, etc.

"Did you ever feel any of these as a motivation to get started in MMA?"

"Feature that in your social detail!"

"How to throw the first punch, how Ju Jitsu helps build your core, how Kickboxing makes your legs toned, etc."

Suddenly, the creativity gates open and the content just began flowing.

That one piece can expand from a simple photo, to a video, to a full written blog post with techniques and tips.

Now you are championing these ideas, and your clients see you have the authority in these concepts and feel compelled to use your services, because you know what you're talking about!

How to Create Value in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1. Ask Yourself, What is Value Anyway?

Value defined in the dictionary jumps around these concepts: relative worth, utility, or importance, a good value at the price, a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged or the monetary worth of something.

But still, I feel these definitions don't amount to what really is value.

Attempting to define value reveals itself to be a variable concept. It is defined differently by different people.

In other words, the end result of providing value, is what defines value.

Value really is the psychology of the person receiving it. It is a group of ideas. A perception.

Value by itself does not exist. It's a composition of Psychology that is imprinted into individual definitions; and on circumstances.

Also understanding value can reveal what can be aggregated to a group of people, a community of people, and even entire nations.

So defining what value really is becomes a Catch 22: you define value, by getting value.

Now that we recognize this paradox, let's move to the next step.

Step 2. Recognize that the Concept of Value is Elusive

Defining value on its own is something that your own intuition and awareness can decipher.

Identifying value is a process of Discovery.

And the more attuned you are in how elusive it really is, the easier it is to spot.

So if you were to develop a product or service you need to go in-depth to discover what it is you really are providing.

Business owners focus on what their product and/or service is, instead of the solution it gives to the customer.

Step 3. Develop Your Skill of Drilling for Definitions of Value

There is a gap between what your customer wants and what you are capable of providing them. 

The better you are at communicating what that gap is, the more likely your ideal customer is going to buy your product or service.

If you are not a well branded product, for example like Apple, you would then have to write and come up with a well thought out marketing strategy to deliver that message more clearly to them.

And this is where creating value really comes into play.

Look at your product or service and you define every single detail, benefit and solution that it can provide to your customer.

And the more details, benefits, and solutions you can define the more your customers can identify themselves with it.

So now that Catch 22 becomes a win-win scenario: creating the identity of your product or service allows the customer to identify with it.

The customer has to convince themselves that whoever is creating this product understands who they are.

​Customers don't like to be sold; they like to buy.

Step 4. Create Messages for the Customer Avatar

In Business, it's important to develop what marketers call a Customer Avatar.

A Customer Avatar is somone that you would like to communicate to in order to convey what result they can expect from your product or service.

And the more detailed you are in creating your Customer Avatar, the better you will be at creating value.

Because you are furthering the definition of how to create value when you write your marketing messages for them.

If a customer can understand the message of the result that they can expect from the product alone, there is no denying that is a valuable product or service for them.

The benefits focuses more on the solution that a customer wants.

What can take away their pain, their concerns, and what can amplify their experience, or achieve their aspirations.

And the more in-depth you are in defining theses through to your marketing messages, the more you are able to convey their desired result.

Effective marketing messages allows the customer to discover what it is that they're looking for.

If you are capable of explaining, defining or clarifying what the customer wants better than they can define it; the more effective your marketing will be.

Because it is displaying you can identify the elusive concept of value and create it in ways that resonate with them alone.