How to Stay Motivated when Facing Conflict

There are two realities we all face when you try to achieve your goals. The reality of what the world demands from you, and the world you know you have to create for yourself. Motivation puts you back in place for the latter, but what do you do when the mundane world you live in is dragging you back. Here is how to stay motivated when facing conflict.

We all have felt the true versions of ourselves...

You feel a certain motivation every once in a while. And it feels incredible. You feel like you can do just about anything in life. 

All your goals and dreams are laid out in front of you and you have to pass on the baton to the better version of you to achieve them.

The light glimmers in your eyes and you are fully focused on the future you are about to create.

It's within grasp, you just have to keep at it...

Then the next day the feeling is all gone, and you have to go run errands...

Let's face it, when it comes to success, motivation just isn't around for the long run.

It just appears to remind you that you have these aspirations.

Conflict causes the friction that dissolves your motivation as you begin to be reminded of the day-to-day run of the mill that life really is.

So why is it that we are tapped into motivation for such a small amount of time?

Well, the game of success is really the JOURNEY of your inner conflict towards resolution.

That's where the real challenge lies. That constant hurdle of obstacles getting in your way of getting things done.

Achieving Goals is a Game of Willpower, and Motivation Recharges the Battery to your Controller.

Life gets complex, and bombards us with distraction. Multiple options of what you could be doing piles up easily and conveniently in front of you. Time is running short in everything we want to really do.

And all this stuff succumbs you to being distracted from who you really are.

The better version of you getting it all done.

What is Motivation?

The reason motivation is so powerful is because of all the clarity you gain to achieve your aspirations.

It is a moment of truth, and aligns you with your better self.

You have the real goal and every single step laid out in front of you so vividly that it becomes so easy to achieve if only it lasted for a long time.

So how do we get this feeling over and over as we face friction?

Reverse Engineer Motivation

Motivation is clarity, reiterate on making your goals as vivid as possible. Every single step you must take, start from the end and work back until you find the right step to get started on next.

If you ever feel like your motivation is diminishing because of how reality is pulling you away from your ideal reality, practice to refocus on how your life could be different if only you did the things you wanted to do to make that change.

Self sabotage yourself into realizing that your goals will change your life if you start going against the grain.

Become aware and realize this is the friction that you must go through to get to the change you want.

Mind Control is the Result of Self-Discipline and Habit. You Either Control Your Mind or It Controls You. There is No Hallway Compromise - Napoleon Hill

This is not easy to do. And that's just the way it is. The friction will always be there. Your willpower WILL diminish.

But what if you could start putting things into place that assists you in the process?

What sequences can you put in your life that will ASSURE you to make the right decisions when the difficulty level starts to go up.

As soon as you wake up do you have your to-do list ready? Are your running shoes next to your bed? Did you pre-plan your meals for the whole week?

These little details all add up to streamlining your motivation throughout.

Your motivation should include the future you in it, not just the now you.

"Life is a Process of Continually Re-Orienting Oneself in a World of Uncertainty" - Nietzche


Manny Garavito

I am a freelance digital marketer and blogger seeking to make a difference by putting every idea out in the real world and seeing what causes a difference.