How To Turn Your Ideas Into Content Marketing

Content Marketing Is As Easy As Teaching Yourself What You Already Know

Content marketing is the result of your ideas explained. That's it.

The more clarity you have in putting these ideas in the digital realm, the more effective it is. AND better yet, if you can expand on one simple concept into a massive extrapolation of information the better.

However, ask yourself...will it be useful?

Most business owners get stuck in how to turn ideas into content marketing, when it really has to do with what you already know!

If the answer is yes, that particular piece of content will be one of the most effective channels to generate leads and build authority in your business niche.

Think of content marketing as a way to show your expertise about something someone is searching for.

You are the champion of their solution if you offer a perspective they have never even thought of before.

You can dramatically change their lives with just a little insight in what you are creating as content.

Some people may think that content creating is about writing, and thus fall into writer's block.

Drill Into Your Expertise and Explain the PASSION

One time, I went to an MMA gym to see a client, and they were explaining how much of a hassle Social Media Marketing is.

"I don't see anyone ever come to use the gym that was compelled by Social Media..."

Upon reviewing their Social Media feeds, most of the posts were videos and photos of their daily classes asking for the business.

I explained to him that he should look into writing something more in depth as to why these customers are using their services.

Some clients in the photos are taking the classes to learn self defense, others are doing it to be healthy, others are looking to get muscle tones in their bodies, etc.

"Did you ever feel any of these as a motivation to get started in MMA?"

"Feature that in your social detail!"

"How to throw the first punch, how Ju Jitsu helps build your core, how Kickboxing makes your legs toned, etc."

Suddenly, the creativity gates open and the content just began flowing.

That one piece can expand from a simple photo, to a video, to a full written blog post with techniques and tips.

Now you are championing these ideas, and your clients see you have the authority in these concepts and feel compelled to use your services, because you know what you're talking about!

Manny Garavito

I am a freelance digital marketer and blogger seeking to make a difference by putting every idea out in the real world and seeing what causes a difference.