Master Your Business and Think like an Artist

"Learn the Rules Like a Pro, so you Can Break Them Like an Artist" - Pablo Picasso

Everything done while conducting the daily tasks of starting or running a business is essentially a path towards mastery.

And in the same way how Artists turn into pros.

Any decision you make in any day is an opportunity to learn something, as common as this may sound, deep within its meaning lies a profound insight in exactly what it takes to make your business idea come to reality.

The experiences you receive while making your business a complete success will combine to form your mastery.

Like an artist, continuously working on your craft will carve out your position in the industry you are getting into.

The wrong decisions, the right decision, the wins and losses all add to the kind of value you can produce for many looking for your product or service.

No one else can replicate these moments you've had, they are your very own. 

Once a deep and undeniably unique understanding of what is going on in your industry is set, you can start to present the benefits and solutions of the product or service your ideal customer is your calling as a business owner and artist. 

Resistance is the Enemy. Create Products, and Create Marketing Messages.

Worrying about starting a business, creating a product or creating a business marketing campaign is the most important step that makes all the difference.

An artist is known to worry about what others might think about their outcome, or a business owner may worry not making the right investments on a new marketing project. Eventually this stalling prevents unique opportunities to be presented to you.

Even as I am writing this post, I had to sit down and get in writers mode. I had to make a conscious decision to make in keeping a relevant website that offers blog posts consistently.

There is a Secret that Real Writers Know that Wanna-be Writers Don't. It's not the Writing Part that's Hard; what's Hard is Sitting Down to Write. - Steven Pressfield

The feeling of resistance is quite normal, it's constantly breaking through the resistance that makes you a professional in your industry. This consistency will give you constant opportunities to break the status quo.

These opportunities allow inspiration to take place and cause a chain reaction towards your goals.

The Muse

As you are creating products and marketing messages, eventually "The Muse" sets in and an unstoppable flow of creativity overcomes you. Making the final outcome a true sense of all previous experiences in a fine piece of work.

Just like an artist, what you create is who you are. And who you are is a mix of unique experiences.

Don't wait for inspiration, leave the door open at all times.

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Manny Garavito

I am a freelance digital marketer and blogger seeking to make a difference by putting every idea out in the real world and seeing what causes a difference.