The Speed of Implementation

All Ideas are Gifts from your Personal Creativity. Taking Action is how you Unwrap them. 

If you believe in your idea, the most important game is to get yourself to start right now.

All obstacles, hesitation and factors of resistance are imaginary.

The speed of implementation is the start of your idea becoming reality.

One great way to get started with the most momentum is to have the ending in mind, and viewing each step you need to take in reverse. Then start on the most practical step you can do RIGHT NOW.

Taking action in your idea is like making an investment. And that investment will grow over time.

The Best time to Plant a Tree was 20 Years ago, the Second Best Time is Today. -Chinese Proverb

The more time your idea is planted into the real world, the more time it has to grow.

Even if the idea turns out to not be the right one, the experience of getting started is invaluable.

Getting started is one of the most important skills you can have as an entrepreneur.

Constantly getting started on something allows you to gain access to its opportunities.

But there is another game once you start to take action. And that is to continuously invest in it and nurture it.

Your Business Idea is the Seed, Your Legacy is the Tree.

Success does not come to fruition overnight, it is the journey of making an idea manifest that brings the most fulfillment after getting started.

However, everyday you invest in making your idea come true, you will face that resistance again over and over. 

And one slip in consistency can be the catalyst for everything you've worked on to go in shambles.

The name of the game is building a brand new habit.

This new habit is the water for your seed.

Learning to constantly water your ideas is how you gain the skill of the Speed of Implementation.

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Manny Garavito

I am a freelance digital marketer and blogger seeking to make a difference by putting every idea out in the real world and seeing what causes a difference.